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Who owns the vending machine in our workplace? Do we hire them?

Personalised Vending owns the vending machine’s, we take care of the servicing, cleaning and filling of the vending machines.  We are fully insured for product and public liability.

Do you rotate fillers or do we deal with one filler?

We assign specific fillers to each machine based on geographic location.  However in the event a filler cannot visit on the schedule, a substitute filler will be assigned for that visit.

What kinds of products can we have in our vending machine?

Please see our Products page

What is the process for a new Vending Machine?

If you are already a customer a simple phone discussion can have a new machine organised for you.

For new customers we will organise a meeting to get to know your business and discuss your needs.  Contact us to get in touch.

What do we need to do once the machine is installed in our workplace?

Let us know if there is a problem or if you require changes.  Other than that, enjoy the new addition to your business.

What happens if there is a problem?

Each machine has a 24/7 phone number listed on the front of the machine, please contact that number.  Alternatively contact us via other methods listed on our Contact Us web page.

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